Sunday, December 27, 2009

Exhausted...but Hopeful!

We made it through another Christmas tornado! It actually was a lot of fun. I just love seeing family and Christmas is my favorite holiday! I looked forward to the candle light service at our church all year long! It just brings back so many memories...I just love it! Plus Emma had a blast with her cousins! They would run by her and she would squeal and go running after them. She loves kids and her cousins are so good with her.

I am famous for forgetting things either at my house on my way to my parents' house or at my parents' house on the way back to my house. This year was no exception! We packed up the car with what seemed like everything we owned and headed to Newport. A few hours after we got there, I asked the hubs to take Emma's dresses (she had 3...2 from her uncle and one from her Grammy) out of the car so they wouldn't be too cold for her when it was time for church. Well he came back in the house only to tell me that the dresses were not in fact in the car. Now I have to admit I was very over tired but I started crying! I wanted her to look so cute at church and she was going to have to wear her Santa dress that she has worn all day! Well she did look cute but as I looked around the service there were little girls in there dresses and bows and it made me want to cry again! (like I said I was very over tired!) Well my wonderful hubs drove all the way back to Boston after church to get the dresses! 3 hours of driving! She was able to wear them on Christmas day and she did look absolutely adorable! Thanks to him!!!

This morning I am exhausted but the week before the new year always makes me hopeful! I get excited making goals for the coming year! I can't believe a decade has gone by! This one has been a life changing one...beginning with graduating from college and ending being married with a 1 year old! I will be spending this week watching every "Best of" count down and making my own goals list! I already mapped out my races and it is exciting!

Today I hope to get out when the rain stops to run 10 so I can get above 40 points in the HBBC and try out some of my new toys I got for Christmas! I let you know how they all work!

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  1. merry belated christmas! funny about the dress dilemma. i would've been the same though i'm sure. darn it she has these cute dresses and this is her chance to wear them! :)