Monday, December 21, 2009

8 Points and Counting

On a fun note Mel at Tall Mom is having an awesome giveaway! It is all about GU which I just recently became a fan of...check out an old post where I compared it to frosting!

Today I started my quest to getting 40+ points on the HBBC by taking a BURN class at my gym...75 minutes of craziness! I wish I could take it everyday! It is on the spin bikes and you alternate between the bikes and weights! It's awesome! Tomorow it is back to running....quick question- How much do I need to run outside to train for my half? I have to wait until the hubs gets home from work to run especially now since it is freezing. I don't want to take Emma out in this. Well he gets home around 5:30 and then I jump on the treadmill. I run my long runs outside on the weekend but is this enough?


  1. i think if you are doing all your long runs outside you are fine for your half. if it would make you feel better do a tempo run or two outside just to remind your legs.

  2. That is a hard one..I agree with Lacey, do you LONG runs outside and you will be OK. Thanks for the link love!!