Monday, December 14, 2009

Get behind me Satan...aka Paula Dean's Monster Cookies

Well as you can see my blog has taken a festive turn! I thought since I was in full festive gear lately that it would only seem right. Yesterday after my run, I had to make cookies for my husband to bring to work...they make baskets for all the people that make their life easier like the police, hospitals, dr. offices and what not. Well each year I try out a new recipe but this year I had a request from his coworkers for my cookies from last year...Paula Dean's Monster Cookies.

These things are in true Paula Dean style...stick of butter, container of peanut butter, M&Ms, chocolate chips, and oatmeal. They really are awesome but boy just one and you can feel your hips expand! I'm glad he got them out of the house this morning!!!

I am making my goals list and checking it twice for 2010! I am excited to have this blog to keep me accountable! Also you all are so inspiring that it is making me try things I never would have done before...or should I say TRI????!!!


  1. mmm those cookies sound right up my alley (minus the pb, allergy); i will have to give them a whirl i'm sure! :)

    a tri in 2010 - very exciting! i need to start focusing on my own goals for the new year...

  2. it really is fun to do some real serious butter baking at times :) dangerous, but fun :)

  3. Please feel free to send those cookies my way. Or just post the recipe please. Anything with oatmeal and pb must be healthy. LOL!