Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Haze

I just looked at my points for the HBBC and I pulled out a duck this week! In my defence we had Emma's birthday party this weekend coupled with a huge snowstorm! This week I want to hit the 40+ points mark...and now that I have put it out there I own it and need to reach it! It will be a challenge with Christmas and all but isn't that the point of the challenge?!

Well my little love has turned 1 and I can't believe it! It was very appropriate that we had a huge storm starting on Saturday (her birthday) since it snowed for 3 days last year as I sat in the hospital! We gave out snowflake ornaments as the favor for her party...seemed right! We had a great party with family and friends (I have to post a pic. of the cake...loved it!!!). It always warms my heart to see just how many people love and care for Emma. She has blessed so many people in such a short time and I am so excited to see where God's plan is going to take her! Right now she is just about running all over the house! She did about 2 days of the "drunk stumble" and now she is walking everywhere!!! My parents joked at the party that of course my daughter would go from a stumble to running!

I was hoping for a snow day today but no such luck! I am off to work for 3 days so I guess I can't complain. BURN class tonight and hopefully a run too...gotta get to 40 points!!!

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