Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Let's Talk Training

Looking at this pic above reminds me that my tootsies are overdue for some new kicks!  I've pretty much ran my Rides and Altras into the ground so looks like mama needs some kicks for Mother's Day!  I have my eyes on these....

but I will admit I'm nervous to stray from my usual Rides.  Complete honesty here....the newest version of the Rides have colors that I'm not excited about but these Kinvaras are the bomb!!  We shall see!

I haven't posted in a while about my training so I figured I would do a little update.  During the first round of Carb Cycling, I didn't run any more than the plan said.  I wanted to reset my body after training hard for so long.  This cycle Amanda is kicking our butts but I've also started my training for Newport 10 Miler.  This means an extra run during the week and a long run on Saturday.  Last week was my first week of this round so here's the skinny on what it looked like!

Monday: Low Carb Day=Sprints...I did 10 minutes of warm-up and then 20sec on 20sec off sprints 20 times.  I then went on to run easier for another 30 minutes.  I love speed work so this was fun!

Tuesday: Repeat of Monday...The difference with today is Mom-life took over so I was staring down sprints in my basement at 9pm.  I muscled through but had the hardest time falling asleep!

Wednesday: Feast Day...Legs were on tap for today!  I did a quick warm-up and then it was time to push my legs.  Looking back I should have gone heavier because I wasn't super sore.  I tend to be able to really push my legs so I will remember this for next week!  I finished the workout with time on the stair master!

Thursday: Fast Day...I did the 24 hour fast and broke it at 7pm with a shake.  Thursdays are the days I have my cross country girls.  I taught them the fine art of pacing and sprints on the softball field!

Friday: Regular Calorie Day...After practice testing for our school for hours all week, I was going stir crazy!  Thankfully the weather was awesome and I took my lunch to the road!  Nothing like a good runch to save the day!  I finished the day with a total body workout!

Saturday:  Feast Day...I had 8 miles planned for today along with an arm workout.  My back has been crankier than a sleep deprived toddler so the run was less than fabulous.  I got the miles in but my stride was so much shorter and labored.  I'm thinking a trip to a chiro may be in my future.
Sunday: Low Calorie Day...I was more than happy to take this as a rest.  I've learned with this program to embrace the rest days

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  1. I was wondering how the plan worked with training! I've been doing my sprints on the elliptical and it was tough, but I loved it too!