Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My RUNCH Essentials

If you follow me on Instagram...and if you don't get right on know that I love runch (run+lunch)!  I got the idea from my BRF Jill who is a seasoned runcher.  Last year I needed to get in outdoor miles during the month of January for the Winter Warrior Challenge, and I knew that if I waited until school had ended I would be out there in the dark (and the dark and I aren't friends). Enter runch!

It started last year and has grown to something I really look forward to.  I don't go every day but I try to go at least once a week...unless it's challenge time!  I have about 25 minutes for lunch (glamorous life of a teacher....we are the fastest eaters around!) so I try to get as much mileage I can within that time.

If you are lucky enough to have a job where you can sneak away during your lunch time then here are some tips for having a successful runch!

Pack Right...I always make sure that I pack my bag the night before to ensure that I have everything that I am going to need.  I make sure that I am well stocked from my sneakers to my don't want to forget that and stink up the office!!  Another essential in my bag are dry shampoo...I tend to be able to get away with just the messy bun...thankful for my curly hair which looks crazy on a normal day...but there are times when I need to wear my hair down again.  Enter dry shampoo.  It helps me to not look like the sweaty mess that I am!  I am also lost without a ShowerPill!! (Enter CAPEN at checkout for 10% off!) I come in the school...I'm sweating buckets even when it is cold outside...and I need a way to wash off the funk.  ShowerPill to the rescue!  It also helps me wipe away the salt which is high since we are right on the ocean!  Also make sure you have a change of the know undies and bra!  No one want to slip their work clothes back on and sit in sweaty undies....Yuck!

Which Way?...Once you are out on the road, make sure that you find a predictable route and you are certain where you are going.  When I first started, not being from the town which I teach in, I made sure to use my RunGo to make sure I knew where I was.  Yup I got lost a little bit but when you have a time restraint you don't want to be heading on a detour that takes you too far from work.  Now I follow the same few routes depending on how I'm feeling and the time that I have.  I've also ventured over to the bike path near school to get in some easy miles....however not much since I'm not a fan of running in the woods alone!

Hey Buddy...I'm so lucky to have another runner that I work with that is as crazy as I am (sad for me that she is out...happy for her because she had the most adorable baby girl!)!  The miles are much easier when you can partner up...especially when the wind is howling and it's cold!

The same theory that applies to finding a workout buddy for the gym applies here.  If you know a coworker is going to be changed and waiting for you to go for a quick run, you'll be less likely to bag it.  You can talk about work or not but it's just nice to have someone out there with you.

I love the stress relief a good runch brings me especially when things are getting hairy around here...a mile or two out on the road puts me in such a better state of mind!  So prep ahead and move through your lunch!!

Do you runch?  Any tips to add?

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