Friday, May 27, 2016

Right Now....Be Here...

I had fully expected to come on today and write about fashion for fitness.  I had a lot of pictures to share and some new gear that I have been loving...but after reading about a friend's mother's battle with cancer, I am deciding to write a post that has been a long time in the making....thoughts swirling around this head of mine.

The good thing about social media is that you get to know just about everything that is going on with everyone....the bad thing about social media is that there are times when you feel overwhelmed with what is going on with everyone.  Lately I have been feeling the latter.

One of my biggest fears in life(beside of course that something would happen to our girls) is that something would happen to me and my girls would be left without me in their life...that I would miss those moments...putting on makeup...accomplishing those things I can see bubbling up in them a hug when they need it most.  Lately it seems that everywhere I turn there is something tragic happening....moms dying from cancer and leaving their old classmate getting diagnosed with cancer as a dad of accidents that have taken sons too early...moms staring down cancer that won't quit.  It can really overwhelm you if you let it.  There are honestly times when I am overcome with it all....but I can't be.

We are promised right now...this moment and that's about it.  However what I have been trying to do is when those "I can't imagine..." moments sneak in, I try to remember the blessings that are in this moment.  My husband whom I love and stands beside me each day...our girls who breathe life and laughter into each family who is healthy...friends who will laugh with me until our sides hurt and be a cheerleader for me any day of the week!  That's all I can do right them and laugh and pray for those who can't!

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