Thursday, May 5, 2016

Yes...I'm a MOTHER Runner

Almost 8 years ago (yup I get choked up just typing that) I was given a title that I wear with pride each and every day.....Mom.

Becoming Em's mom was something I had prayed about for years and years...dreamed about the day when I could hold her in my arms and hear her cry for the first time!  While we had not a clue what it was like to actually be parents, we didn't lack in love and excitement over our new bundle of joy!

I am not going to say that first year was all doves and roses.  We were new parents...both of us worked full-time...I was going to school part-time to get an advanced degree...
and after 6 months into being a mom, I decided to add back the title of runner....this time adding "mother" runner to it!
The journey as a mother runner has certainly had it's twist and turns...bumps along the way in learning what works best for our family but with a supportive husband we made it work.  Then we added another chickie to our group!
She has added so much life to our life and has kept me running after her!  People joke that she is always running and on the move because I ran through my pregnancy, but what I see in her is a spark...that I pray never dulls.  She is going to move mountains so just get out of her way!

I can wear the badge with pride...I am a MOTHER RUNNER!

I have run pushing and carrying my chickies as a MOTHER RUNNER!

I have run side by side with our oldest as a MOTHER RUNNER!

I have had countless adventures with my BRF Jill faithfully by my side (I could do just a post on you Jill....oh wait I have!!) as a MOTHER RUNNER!

I have met (and become friends with) the most amazing people...a lot of which are also mother runners... as a MOTHER RUNNER!

I have joined running groups and Ragnar teams as a MOTHER RUNNER!

I have run 35 half marathons as a MOTHER RUNNER!!

Why all this mother runner talk....well because there was a time when I thought I couldn't do it...that my dreams and goals needed to be put on hold until the girls were older...that I needed to be put on hold.  Yes life is crazy as a mother runner....isn't it crazy for everyone...but I am so thankful for the support of my husband to help me realize that I can be a mother runner....that I can be an example for our girls!

I am proud to be a MOTHER RUNNER!!!


  1. Love it!!! Here's to mother runner's everywhere and YOU are one of my favorites :-) I also recognize some of those pictures!! Happy mom's day to you!!

    1. Aww thank you!! Likewise chica!! You are one of the most inspiring moms I know!!!