Thursday, May 12, 2016


Some weeks crawl by and I'm begging for Friday to come....others fly by and before I know it I'm doing the Friday dance!!  Thankfully this week flew a matter of fact this month is ticking by at a pretty quick pace!  I'm looking forward to a weekend of fun with the fam and a running date with my BRF!!!  Until then it's Thursday and Thursdays were made to be random!

I mean really....There is a beach chair company local to us that makes these really beautiful and sturdy beach chairs.  If you've known me for 5 minutes you know that I live at the beach in the summer.  I love love love the beach and I'm thankful that our girls have fallen for it they had a choice!  We decided that for Christmas (well I really can't take the credit since it was my husband's idea) that we would give each other one.  Since it is closed during the off-season (a beach town norm) we ventured there last week and yesterday I went to pick them up!!!
I mean really it was a no brainer what I was going to get put on it!!  I've had that nickname dating way back to my days as a toddler in gymnastics class!!

Sprinklers?...Chickie has decided to sign up for our local 5k again this June and so we have started training in our neighborhood.  She is actually doing awesome and I'm impressed with the improvements that she has made.  I think this year is really going to be good for her!  We've just started training and she's already running longer intervals than last time!  Yesterday was our first warm spring day (63*) and at the end of our run she noticed that our neighbor had his sprinklers on.  Yup...even though I warned her that it would be freezing she just had to run right through!
It was good though because then she wanted to run extra fast home so her clothes would dry faster! She's too funny!

Cover Model?...Runner's World is at it again running their cover search contest.  I know the stories from last year were so inspirational and fun!  There are just 69 more days to throw your hat into the ring if you want.  Here is the lowdown for the 2016 search...

The 2016 Runner's World Cover Search is our 3rd national search for the quintessential male and female runners in America - two runners who are passionate athletes. This year we want to hear about your drive, determination, and motivation, and most specifically, we want you to tell us about your BREAKTHROUGH RUNNING MOMENT – the day you became a runner, took your running to the next level, nailed a PR, or any other moment that changed your running life permanently.
You never know...someone a little Fancy may end up entering!!


  1. haha my husband jokes around with me and calls me Fancy Nancy too. I live at the beach too so these might come in handy! I love the pillow and the cup holder. That's awesome!

  2. Sprinklers are so fun!!. Who needs warm weather?
    I'm pretty glad we have the beach nearby. And the river.. A good chair makes it even better! Relax while the kids play!

  3. I love that chair and I would totally vote for you to be on the RW cover!!