Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Motivation

Oh the hill....Run with me for any amount of time and you will quickly learn that I am NOT a fan of hills.  Hills in my life...bring them on!  Hills on my run...bring on the profanity!  The harsh truth is that I live in New England and not Chicago so hills during my runs are impossible to avoid.  Every race I run has had some type of punishing hill or two...and believe me I have looked for ones that are flat!  So I train them....I drag my complaining ass up and down all the hills I can find so that next time maybe I'll power up one like I own it!  Life is waiting at the top of a hill...go grab it!


  1. Oh hills, how I love to hate them! Hill training is a necessary evil and makes you stronger for sure!

  2. I used to search for "flat" routes too! Love the metaphor though ;)

  3. I love to look for flat races. :) But I do feel like running on hills has made me stronger, so I'm trying to accept them!