Friday, May 6, 2016

Most Memorable...

We all have those races...those that stick in our memory as our most memorable!  There are reasons we all have for why they are the most memorable and it varies from person to person.  When asked the question, what was your most memorable race, I of course we to the "Book" and asked my running friends.  It seems like there were a few prevailing themes for what made the race you ran the most memorable.

First up...the company you were with!!  
Relay races can be sleep, no real food, and lots of miles...but when you spend them with fabulous people they can be so memorable!!  Just take it from one of my Ragnar teammates!
Ragnar relay/reach the beach.... The people... 

Maybe it's a family member that just makes the time for my friend Jen who runs with her Dad...
Army 10 miler in DC with Dad.. This year will be my 3rd.. Love that we run with 35,000 other people can't beat the sight seeing while running around DC and I've been lucky enough to run with my Dad.

For me I have to agree!  The memories happen with the people you are sharing the race with...whether it is a stranger who you have decided you're going to pace off of...a group of friends who are just there for the fun...or a BRF who is going to push you to your goals, the company you keep can make or break your race!!  I have shared the miles with some fabulous people!!

Next...No one forgets their first time!
I love when a friend....or my sister...decides to run a race for the first time and then asks me to help them!  For one reason or another there is always a funny story to tell basically about me being a drill sergeant!  Here's what my sister said about her first 5k...
My first and for the same reason-because you were with me. Or maybe the 3 day when you told me to walk off a stress fracture 
Then there was my coworker....who decided to play her iPhone like it was a boom box...
My first one. With you. It was my favorite cuz u were laughing at me. My cramp was memorable. I did it once more, 4 years later

Here's another from one of my fabulous and inspiring co-workers who hurt herself just before the ZOOMA 10k and proceeded to not only walk the whole thing but made sure to cheer everyone on that passed her!
My first 10k that I ran with a torn ACL. It was the Cape Cod Zooma Race!!! Have done it twice will be doing it again in September!!!
I'll never forget my first race after having Em...I ran it with my BRF Jill who I had just started running with at the time.  We knew each other but no way like we do now.  I thought I was going to DIE but she kept pushing me to keep the pace saying if I wasn't ready to throw up then I could give more!  She was right!!!
A race with good friends, food, beer and schwag! Oh and one that I felt like barfing😊because I knew I was running fast.😎

Finally...Doing something you never thought you could!
Crossing that finish line of a race you never thought you could complete...Throwing your hands in the air and knowing that you did it!  That is a memory right there!
I'll never forget crossing that finish line in Boston!
Crossing the finish line of my first half for sure!
What else...looking up at the finish line clock and seeing a time you have been chasing for far too long!!!
At first glance I look at this picture and notice how tired I look...I remember that time was when we had just moved and I was getting used to a new life in a very new place.  But this is the picture before the race where I FINALLY broke the 2 hour barrier in the half!!  I had been chasing this goal for so long...narrowly missing it each time!  This was the day I broke it!!!  I was so excited when I crossed that finish line...of course Jill beat me!

What was YOUR most memorable race?  What would be your ideal race?  I would say make it fun and make it amazing!  Check out Eventbrite for a fabulous event in your area or to plan events of your own...invite your BRF and make it memorable!”

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