Thursday, June 26, 2014


With summer break on the horizon, I am feeling scattered in my thoughts so here is your dose of weekly randomness...enjoy!

Can't Get It...Starting Monday I was having pain...well more like a my hip butt area.  Actually on Sunday after spending the day chasing Aubs around the beach, I was having trouble with the mobility of my leg (random) and when I woke up on Monday I had this knot.  I have been foam rolling and stretching but I just can't get at it!!!  Last night running I felt it in my outer hip but after I got going it was there but ok.  This morning I hopped on the treadmill and after about 5 minutes I knew a run was not going to happen!  I feel like I need to sit on a tennis ball or something like that to get at this....any suggestions

A Graduate...While I am still in school until tomorrow (I know many of you don't get summer breaks but I feel like the LAST TEACHER WORKING!!!), Em graduated from preschool this week!
I held it together pretty well during the concert and ceremony but lost it the next day when I didn't have a lunch to pack and clothes to lay out!  She's growing so quickly and while I'm excited to see where life takes her, it is all happening too quickly for this mama!!!

Hills and Humidity...My next half marathon is just 3 weeks away and it is about right now that I am thinking to myself...."Why did I think this was a good idea?"  When I signed up it was a great price and a race I have wanted to do for a few years, however looking at the elevation map I'm nervous!
Plus I have heard people describe it as the kind of race where you hit another hill before you have even recovered from the first......Great!  Add to the fun that it is New England...on an island...yeah my friends that is the recipe for some awesome humidity!!! 
Pretty much how I feel about races with a ton of hills.....
Thankfully I am running with my BRF Jill and plan on just having a blast running with her and savoring the time we have together!!!...and there will probably be a little whining!  Do you like racing in the heat?


  1. forget the racing :-) I JUST LOVE THE HEAT!!!!!!!

  2. Whoa Nancy that elevation map does not look like fun! I'm miserable racing in the heat and humidity and for the first time I don't have any summer races lined up.

  3. I always question why I thought a race was a good idea period! Sounds like it could be your piriformis perhaps. Stretching and rolling for sure. A tennis ball would probably work - or a softball if you have one.

  4. That elevation map does look crazy, but it sounds like you have a good plan. I have a half in two weeks and am so excited, but mine is much less hilly than yours!

    I think you are the last teacher still working ;)

  5. Oh...we SO will be whining AND laughing. Guess I'll rest after this one! Happy last day of school! B

  6. Whoah that race sounds crazy! But I bet you'll crush it :) Sorry about the hip/butt pain, I would definitely try a tennis ball, it might help you get at it better than a foam roller. Congratulations to your daughter (and her proud mama!) - she is adorable!

  7. Awww your little girl is growing up. Somebody once told me: the days are long, but the years are short. Enjoy every minute!

  8. Sorry about the hip/butt pain. Hope it's better!